ASOS Casual Dresses...


I don't wear dresses that often but if I do, I always find that ASOS is the best place to purchase them from. They have a huge selection so you can always find something whether it be for day wear or a night out. The dresses I have pictured above are all perfect for day wear especially when the sun decides to shine.

 I absolutely love the denim pinafore dress but they have unfortunately ran out of my size so I'll just have to hope they get it back in stock. The black and white skater dress is perfect for the monochrome trend that has been seen everywhere for next season. I also love the two floral skater dresses which will look beautiful on a sunny day with a nice pair of sandals. 

Where is your favourite place to buy dresses?

Review: MAC Brush Cleanser...

MAC Brush Cleanser; £9.50//235ml
Last week, whilst out shopping in Newcastle, I headed into Fenwicks to visit my local MAC counter knowing exactly what I was going in for - the much raved about brush cleanser (the lady herself told me I was lucky they had a bottle because they are usually sold out!) 

As soon as I got home, I tried out the product on my eye brushes and was amazed at the results - the make up just melted away instantly! 
This product is ideal for if you like to regularly change your eye shadow or whether you like the same brush for use with different products. Another thing I loved about this product was  the fact it didn't have a strong scent and it also dried very quickly meaning the brushes could be used within a couple of minutes. 
It costs £9.50 for 235ml which is such a bargain as you only need a little amount but don't forget you should also be regularly washing your brushes with a soft shampoo to ensure they are bacteria free! 

You can  purchase this at your local MAC counter or online
Have you ever tried the MAC Brush Cleanser or any you think may be better?

Primark Haul...

No shopping trip is complete without a trip to good old Primark! However, like many other bloggers have stated their prices are definitely going up regarding some items (I picked up a jacket the other day which once over would have been around £15-£20; they wanted £39.99!)  This is isn't a massive haul, I just picked up a few items which took my fancy.
L-R: Aztec Monochrome Cami (£4);Vintage Blue Cami (£4)
I love these little cami blouses Primark have been getting in for the new season. This monochrome aztec one will look great with a pair of jeans/black trousers or even a nice pair of black shorts. I also got the top in this vintage blue pattern which I fell in love with straight away - I'm not usually a fan of birds on clothing but loved this print so just had to have it. Both of these tops are a little longer at the back than the front meaning they will be great either tucked in or left out. What's even better is they only cost £4 each!
Salt and Pepper Jacket (£7 was £16) 
Whilst on my trip to Primark, I also picked up this 'Salt and Pepper' Jacket. Just before going into Primark, I had looked at one which was pretty much identical in New Look however; the one in New Look was £25 and I wasn't overly keen on it and wasn't sure if it was me. But when I walked into Primark and saw this for only £7 instead of £16 I thought what the heck and bought it. 
White Studded Tote Bag (£12)
This bag was the main reason I went into Primark - after someone uploaded a picture to Instagram of it, I knew I had to have it! It is absolutely gorgeous for the Spring/Summer months as I usually struggle to find nice white bag for the summer as they always tend to be too small but this is the perfect size for fitting all of your essentials (and more!) inside. It also looks great quality considering it was only £12.
L-R: Cream Studs (£1.50); Black Studs (£1.50); Turquoise Ring (£2.50); Black & Gold Ring (£2.50) 
I then headed to the jewellery section and was seriously impressed with the selection they had. I picked up these earrings in both the cream and the black; I really like earrings like this because they can still be seen when I have my hair down (which is 99.9% of the time). I then picked up these two statement rings because I have a serious obsession over rings. As you can probably see, the black one matches the black earrings however, they had sold out of the cream version in my size.

Have you recently picked up anything nice from Primark? 
(Hauls are one of my favourite things to read /watch so leave your links below!)

Competition: Money Supermarket Passion For Fashion...

Passion For Fashion 2 is another fabulous competition being held by Money Supermarket. All you need to do is design 3 different outfits for the Spring/Summer season, one for each category - Casual, Beach/Holiday and Party. Each outfit is being judged by three different bloggers - What Olivia Did, Little Bird Fashion and Girl in the Lens. And the prizes are fantastic - one person will receive £1000 spending money to buy a whole new spring/summer wardrobe and 3 other people will receive £200 to spend on their winning outfit.                                                    
So here are my entries...
TOTAL: £194.19
I love this outfit! I've had my eye on this playsuit for so long but still haven't got around to purchasing it  yet (maybe when it gets a bit warmer!) and I thought it was perfect for this years monochrome trend we are seeing all over the high street. I added the white satchel bag and white caged shoes to ensure the playsuit remained the stand out piece; however, I did add the Maybelline Lipstick to add a pop of colour to the outfit as it is meant to be for Spring/Summer. 
TOTAL: £158
This is probably my favourite outfit out of the three I have created. I think these shorts are so cute and I love the added detail of the hearts on the back. This top would look great tucked in and could possibly make the outfit look like a playsuit rather than a top and shorts. I decided to add tan shoes which are the brown versions of the white ones in my Casual outfit - I love them as they don't over expose your feet and are a great alternative to sandals. I thought this bag from Accessorize was great for the beach as you will be able to fit all of your essentials inside as well as a towel and whatever else you may need! Finally, these sunglasses created by the fabulous dollybowbow (the first ever fashion blog I discovered!) will add a brilliant finishing touch to the outfit and make a great statement piece. 
TOTAL: £139.99
To some people this outfit may look a bit plain and boring but who wants to feel restricted in a cramped nightclub on a summer night? Not me! I personally think the outfit looks classy but still dressy. The jeans are comfortable soft wash therefore great for dancing and are such a lovely shade and when paired with this peplum top they will look stunning. I was lucky enough to receive a real moschino belt not too long ago however, for those of you who don't want to pay such an large sum of money for a belt you can find great replicas online and this will definitely dress up any outfit and act as a statement piece which is exactly why I have included it in my look. The shoes are from Miss Guided and are practically the same as those you can find in Zara but for a fraction of the price again adding a touch of class to the outfit. Finally, I though MAC's Candy Yum-Yum would be a great addition to the outfit adding a lovely pop of pink which is perfect for the spring/summer seasons. 

So those are my three entries to the Money Supermarket competition I hope you like them as much as I do or at least some of the pieces I have included. 

Have you entered this fabulous competition?

Review: Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette...

Urban Decay are really making sure they make the most out of the hype over their Naked collection - first we had eye palettes now we have foundation, bb cream, nail polishes and a cheek palette!             

For Christmas as one of my gifts from my brother, I received a £30 gift card for the Metro Centre and I thought what better way to spend it than on some luxurious beauty products. After seeing so many people raving about this new cheek palette from Urban Decay, I knew I had to have it so I marched into Debenhams, picked up the palette and didn't have to pay a thing for it meaning no damage was done to my bank in the process (wonderful)!
The Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette costs £20, which is quite cheap for the amount of product you get, and can be found in most UD stockists (Debenhams currently have it on offer). The palette includes a bronzer (described as "sheer medium bronze satin"), a highlighter (described as "soft pink champagne shimmer") and a blusher (described as "dusty rose satin with a hint of shimmer"). 
Bronzer: I really like this bronzer as its not too dark for my skin tone as I am quite pale but is instead a perfect tan shade and shows up just right on my skin; however, I don't think it would show up much on darker skin tones. I like to apply the bronzer with my Real Techniques Contour Brush. The bronzer itself isn't powdery but is actually quite firm meaning it is easier to handle as there is not much excess. Although UD describe it as "sheer" and "satin" making you think it would be very glittery, I can hardly see any glitter in it at all which is just how I like my bronzer. 
Highlighter: I really like this highlighter however, a little goes a very long way as it is very sheer. I love the finish this highlighter gives my make up and I like to apply on my eyebrow bone and at the very top of my cheek bone using my finger (mans best tool)!
Blusher: I absolutely love love love this blush as it is lovely for adding a healthy glow to the cheeks making even the illest of people look as a fresh as a daisy. The colour itself is a medium-dark rose and you definitely don't need a lot as the pigmentation is immense and takes a lot of buffing for a more natural look. It has a tiny bit of shimmer however, I personally never notice it and would say it looked more matte than anything. I personally like to apply this with my RT Expert Face Brush and then buff it in with a blusher brush I've had for quite a while from M&S which I love!

Overall, I would definitely say this product is worth the hype however, I'm not sure it would work as well on darker skin tones (especially the bronzer) but I love it. The only downside of the product is I think they should have made the blusher the largest portion of the product and the bronzer the second biggest. 

Have you tried the Naked Flushed Palette or will you be?
What's your favourite NAKED product from UD?
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