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Liz Earle states that this product will  "clean and revitalise the delicate eye area" and I cannot agree more! Have you ever had that dry, tight feeling around your eyes? Well this is the product for you! After just one swipe your eyes feel instantly refreshed and renewed making this product ideal for those early mornings.

Although they describe the product as a lotion, I would say it is more like a tonic (it's a similar consistency to the Instant Boost Skin Tonic) making it very easy to use on your eyes as it practically feels like water. 

As a person who suffers from terrible migraines, I enjoy nothing more than soaking two cotton pads with this lotion and lying with them on my eyes - it instantly cools my eyes and soothes my headache. I actually keep a bottle of this in the fridge as well as a bottle on my dressing table as I find it is more effective at treating my headache when it has been in the fridge. I use the one on my dressing table every evening after I have removed my make up with the Cleanse & Polish just to refresh my eyes and make sure all traces of make up have been removed.  

You can purchase this product form the Liz Earle online store with a 150ml bottle (like the one pictured above) costing £10.75; if you find this product is a little out of your price range for an eye treatment, don't be put off as the bottle lasts absolutely ages! Or you can purchase this from John Lewis or QVC.

Liz Earle Review: Brightening Treatment Mask...

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*This review was supposed to be up on my blog yesterday however, I was travelling to Kent and it took us 8 hours to arrive due to bad traffic therefore, I'm sorry for the delay. On the bright side, you get 2 reviews in 1 day!*

The Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask claims to be a "fast acting mask [which] instantly revitalises dull skin" and I couldn't agree more!

As soon as I apply this mask to my skin I can immediately feel it working; within seconds of placing it on my skin it sinks in and begins to tingle (this is when you know a product is doing its job)! I then leave it on as recommended for 30 seconds - 2 minutes and wipe the remains off with my muslin cloth. Even after such a short period of time, you can definitely see a difference in your skin - it's practically glowing!

The formula has quite a thick consistency but isn't heavy on the skin like a lot of face masks are and the smell is also bearable as it smells fresh rather than fragranced.  Just like many Liz Earle products, the formula itself is created using many natural ingredients which are perfect for practically any skin type; these include Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Sweet Almond Oil and White Clay all which help this little tube of magic do its job. 

This product is ideal for those grogy Monday mornings after a wild weekend of partying and will hide any signs of a hangover making it look like you spent your weekend at a luxurious spa rather than partying until the early morning. 

You can grab your brightening mask right now from Liz Earle online for £14.75 or head to your local John Lewis or purchase it from QVC.


Liz Earle Review: Gentle Face Exfoliator...

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I honestly have the strangest skin. Some days its dry and flakes off others it's too oily causing my pores to become blocked and that's where this little beauty comes in! Whether I need to buff off my dry skin or remove impurities this exfoliator leaves my skin feeling refreshed and replenished. 

The main ingredients in this product are Eucalyptus, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Beads all of which contribute to its amazingness in their own little way. One thing I particularly love about this product is the fact the jojoba beads are 'fine'; they are so gentle on the skin meaning they don't leave you looking as bright as a cherry tomato by the time you're finished but instead remove any imperfections and leave you looking radiant. Beauty experts have said you should never exfoliate acne as this just spreads the bacteria and I for one suffer from awful breakouts on my chin however, because the jojoba beads are so fine they do not irritate my skin or spread the acne.   
The product itself is thick and creamy and is very similar to the Cleanse & Polish but with the added jojoba beads. The product also smells very refreshing - it has a very subtle minty scent.  

The only downside to this product is the fact the jojoba beads can be difficult to wash off - becasue they are so fine and gentle they tend to get stuck in your eyebrows however, this doesn't really bother me as long as the product is helping my skin. 

You can purchase a 70ml pump of this exfoliator from the Liz Earle online store for £14.00 or you can pick it up at your local John Lewis or from QVC.
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