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I can't believe it's 2014 already, I swear I blinked and 2013 was over! Since I started reading blogs, one thing I have discovered about most bloggers is that a new year means one thing and one thing only, reminiscing on your favourite beauty products from the previous year. So here are my favourite beauty products of 2013... 
Seche Vite Topcoat // I received this as a Christmas present last year and I haven't used another topcoat since. It is absolutely amazing and leaves your nails with that salon finish you want without the actual trek to the salon. As well as leaving your nails with a brilliant shine, it also prolongs the lasting time of the nail polish beneath. I received 3 bottles of this and they lasted me the entire year which is amazing considering I paint my nails at least once or twice a week so I would definitely recommend you purchasing this if you want gorgeous looking nails. 

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner // It was only in September that I actually started wearing eyeliner on my upper eyelid. I decided I wanted to use it for my 18th birthday make-up look and after reading many rave reviews about this product, I decided I'd give it ago. It was love as first use, it glided on like a dream and you could barely tell that it was my first time lining my lid (I was expecting some sort of zigzag line to occur but nope, perfectly straight). I've used this product ever since and can see why so many people were obsessing over it. 

Collection Concealer // This is probably the most talked about concealer in the world of blogging and that's because its simply the best one out there (or so I believe). For less than £5 it is incredible at hiding unsightly dark circles under your eyes and those unwanted blemishes which suddenly occur out of nowhere on a day you could really do without them. I've probably used about 4/5 tubes of this throughout 2013 and I'm  positive I'll be using many more this year.    

Dainty Doll Blusher (You Are My Sunshine) // I'd never used Dainty Doll products before but when I heard about them selling very cheaply on Fragrance Direct I thought I would give a couple a try. I opted to try this blusher and another one named Paper Roses. I absolutely loved using this blusher throughout the summer of 2013 as it gave my cheeks a lovely golden shimmer which wasn't overpowering. Unfortunately, I believe this product has now discontinued but I have heard that it is very similar to Nars 'Orgasm' which is more of a high brand product or if you'd like a cheaper option Sleeks 'Rose Gold' is supposed to be good. 
Classics Nail Polish Remover // I bet your wondering "How can a nail polish remover be a favourite product? What's so exciting about a nail polish remover?" Well let me tell you, this stuff is amazing! I picked it up in the £1 shop one day and haven't used anything else since it removes nail polish in a fraction of the time my old one used to and what's even more amazing is it removes glitter nail polish pretty quickly too!

John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner // John Frieda haircare products are probably one of my favourites on the market; they're not too expensive and offer great results. I adore this conditioner as it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and I never have trouble with knots after I've washed it which can be a nightmare due to the length of my hair.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush // For Christmas 2012 I received the RT Core Collection, Eye Brush Set, the powder brush and the Expert Face Brush all of which I think are amazing. However, the one brush which stood out the most for me is the Buffing Brush it applies my foundation effortlessly leaving my skin looking flawless which is exactly what every girl wants from her make-up.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon (Peach on the Beach) // I bought this lipstick the week after it had launched and it soon became my go to lip colour. I love the fact this isn't like a typical lipstick, its almost like a lipgloss but in solid form - it leaves my lips with a lovely shine and feeling super smooth. The colour is also absolutely gorgeous.
Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel // Throughout my teenage years I have suffered terribly with acne on my chin although I know this isn't half as bad as what some other teenagers have to go through, it really used to put me down until I discovered this product. I have always been a fan of Alpha-H Liquid Gold however, it is this product that has helped me tremendously. Although I still have slightly small pimples, I very rarely suffer from large, red breakouts and I truly couldn't recommend this product enough to those with either acne or frequent breakouts.

Pretty Perfect Nail Drying Spray // Like the Classics Nail Polish remover, this is another £1 shop find and it is once again amazing! As I frequently paint my nails, this stuff is comes in very handy and reduces the drying time immensely.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette // Last but not least in my favourite beauty products of 2013 is the infamous Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay. I received this palette last Christmas and have used it almost every day since as I adore all of the colours. However, my favourite colour in the palette is 'Chopper' and I have unfortunately recently hit pan on this so may will be buying it in its single form as I love it so much.

So there you have it, my favourite beauty products of 2013, I wonder what goodies I'll be featuring in a post like this next year! I'd love to know what products you have been loving throughout the last year so leave your links below if you wrote a post like this or leave me a comment letting me know.
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