Nails of the Week: OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips & w7 Pink Feathers...

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As an avid fan of nail polish (I could probably give Boots a run for their money with my collection) I have decided that this year I'm going to start and post my weekly nails as I'm always changing them. 
I am a huge fan of OPI nail polish and love this shade in 'Kiss Me on my Tulips'.

As its the first full week of a new year I decided to opt for something fun and bright to make me feel optimistic about going back to sixth form and to cheer me up on those dreaded, dark early mornings. Is it just me who loves winter up until the point Christmas is over and then immediately prays for it to be summer?

For an added touch I applied w7's 'Pink Feathers' to create an accent nail; this is the first w7 polish I have used but I will definitely look out for more to try in the future. 

What colour nails makes you feel happier during the winter months?
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