What I Got For Christmas 2014...

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Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year, like most of you, I spent the majority of mine eating a lot, drinking a lot and spending time with my loved ones. I love to have a nose at the lovely presents other people received (as do many other bloggers) and have enjoyed reading many of these posts as well as watching many videos on YouTube so thought I myself would write one; I am in noway bragging about what I have received and am very grateful for having such a generous family and group of friends. 
I absolutely love make-up and my family and friends are well aware of this. I received lots of great new pieces to try out as well as products I already love (hence the 3 Collection concealers!). One product I can't wait to try out is the Nars 'One Night Stand' palette, I asked for this from my parents but when I saw how quickly it had sold out I really wasn't expecting to be opening it on Christmas day. I will feature reviews on all of these lovely products throughout the course of this 2014. 
Like make-up my family and friends are also aware of my love for Liz Earle beauty products. Some of you may be aware that during the month of August I did a whole weeks worth of blog posts dedicated to a different Liz Earle product each day so would love it if you went and had a read.
Like Liz Earle, Soap and Glory is another one of my skincare favourites; I received this case full of products from my parents. 
I am a nail polish addict! Nail Polish is definitely my favourite beauty product I have tonnes of it but still love to buy and receive new ones to try. My nana bought me this Ciate Mini Mani Month but decided to keep it as a present rather than give it to me before Christmas as I had already bought myself the Benefit one. 
My nana also bought me this Philip Kingsley duo - I have needed a new paddle brush for so long now but never got round to purchasing one and I can't wait to try this heat protection spray. 
Marc Jacobs Daisy is my favourite fragrance; I believe no matter how many perfumes a person has or tries they always go back to one which ultimately becomes their signature fragrance and I believe this is mine. As well as receiving Daisy I also received this Ralph Lauren fragrance from my brother which I have been saying I liked for a long time so my brother gets bonus points for paying attention to what I say!
As well as receiving lots of lovely beauty products I also received quite a bit of new jewellery.
I got this beautiful Vivienne Westwood bracelet from my godparents to match the earrings they bought me for my 18th Birthday which you can see in this post.  
I received this beautiful rose gold bracelet from my parents.
I love to burn candles during the winter months, it makes me feel so cosy. These Yankee Candle gift sets are amazing; they each contain 12 candles one set is catered to the sweet smelling candles (my fave) and the other 12 are homely scents. I don't care if the festive season is over, I'm still allowed to burn Christmas candles!
You'd think I was an octopus the amount of shoes I received; I don't actually own that many pairs of heels as I'm quite tall to start with but since starting to go on nights out, I've wanted a couple of new pairs for ages so absolutely loved these when I opened them on Christmas morning. I've also been after a pair of heeled boots for the winter months so again, I loved these and finally, who can go wrong with a pair of flats (or two)!
Since I turned 18 my parents say I'm never in the house so bought me this as a joke but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to playing it with all of my friends. 
My phone is always dying on me so was really happy to have received this portable charger which is perfect to keep in my bag. I also received some new earphones cause mine are always breaking and I love this memory stick. 
I've been wanting a new camera for ages now but didn't want a really bulky one so this is perfect. I can't wait to try it out and hopefully finally turn my blog into what I want it to be. 
Finally, I received this beautiful iPad Air and I am so in love. I can now see why everyone is investing in tablets, I'm literally never off mine whether I'm reading blogs, tweeting or browsing the shopping apps. 

All in all, I am extremely grateful for everything I received and hope all of my followers had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. 
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