Festival Must Haves...

I've never actually been to a festival but I would love to go to one so thought I'd put together a list of what I believe would be essentials. 

Wellies are a must have at any festival, whether its raining or glorious sunshine, you will definitely need a pair as its pretty much guaranteed you will be dancing in mud so if you don't want to ruin your shoes then wellies are perfect. These Hunter Gloss Wellies would be perfect as once you get home they will easily clean and although these are quite pricey, they will be extremely durable so can be used year after year. However, if you aren't willing to buy expensive wellies you can easily get some fancy ones from the high street. 

A lantern is a definite essential for a festival unless you like rummaging around in your tent in the dark. 

As you can never rely on the British weather, this Waterproof Smartphone/Camera Pouch is perfect to ensure your valuable are protected from any water damage. Even if it doesn't rain, there will be a lot of alcohol flowing so this will guarantee they are protected from any spillages.  

If you didn't want to buy a lantern, you could just opt to take a torch with you. However, if I were going to a festival, I would take both because you never know when you might need a torch. 

A portable phone charger would be at the top of my list if I were heading to a festival this summer; I know some people believe you shouldn't take your phone incase it gets broken however, I believe as long as you're careful then it's fine. The portable phone charger I've found states it can charge your phone up to 6 times fully meaning its perfect to last the whole weekend. 

As previously mentioned, you can never rely on the British weather therefore a rain mac is essential as it isn't too chunky in case its hot but will keep you nice and dry. I love this one from ASOS. 

Probably an obvious choice but a tent is probably the most important item you need to take to a festival purely because where else would you sleep? This one from Go Outdoors sleeps 6 so you obviously wouldn't need something this big if you were having one to yourself but make sure you buy one that will be strong enough to withstand all weathers as you don't want it collapsing on you. 

Unless you don't mind buying your food from burger vans all weekend then these are perfect for cooking your food on. 

Unless you don't mind sitting on the floor, then a camping chair is a must. 

 So there is a list of what I believe, and what my friends who have been to festivals, believe are essentials. 
What do you think is an essential item for a festival?
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