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Does anyone else ever feel like they're in a constant battle with their skin? Well I for one do!

After suffering from an awful breakout about 5 weeks ago, I was determined to find a product that would help reduce these and that's when I came across The Body Shop's 'Tea Tree Facial Toner'. This product claims to remove traces of make up, cleanser and impurities, contains mattifying powders to leave the skin shine-free and has been clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin. 

I've been using this product for about a month now and have seen a drastic reduction in the amount of breakout I have had and the one's I have had have tended to be small under-skin spots rather than red sore ones which used to come about. 

To use the Tea Tree Toner, it is essential that you shake the bottle before each use to activate the product as the main ingredient tends to gather at the bottom. Once I have shaken my product, I pour a small amount onto a cotton pad and gently rub it onto my skin focusing on the T-zone, as it can be a little drying on my cheeks, and any areas with a lot of spots. At first, you may feel a tingling feeling but this is completely natural as it is letting you know the product is working. 

One thing to be cautious of about this product is the fact that it does have a strong Tea Tree scent, something I've never really been a fan of, however, this disappears immediately  after the product has sunken into the skin and you soon get used to it after a couple of uses.  


Skin Type: Combination/Oily
Application: Cotton Pad
Size: 250ml
Cost: £5.00 

-Great for calming breakouts/reducing breakouts
-Unclogs pores
-Mattify's skin
-Only need a small amount for the whole face
-Nice packaging (travel friendly)
-Very Affordable

-Strong smell
-Can be drying on certain areas

All in all, I absolutely love this toner and will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out. 
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  1. My skin really broke out a few weeks ago because of the heat, I actually looked at this but got the blemish clearing night lotion version from the tea tree oil line, that's really helped my skin :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I looked at that too but opted for the toner I may give it a try sometime though :) xo


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