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Granted I'm a little bit late to the bandwagon but after seeing countless bloggers rave about this collection of nude lipsticks from L'Oreal, I finally decided to pick some up. 
As a person who has unfortunately been blessed with barely any lips, I'm very concerned about what lipsticks I wear as bold, in-your-face colours just don't look right on me therefore, I often opt for nudes or pink/peach tones. When designing this collection, L'Oreal asked 6 of their celebrity ambassadors to design their perfect nude shade ensuring their was one tailored for each different skin tones.

After lots of swatching, I finally decided to pick up Barely Griege by Jennifer Lopez and Barely Peach by Julianne Moore and I've been opting to wear these ever since! As these are the first lipsticks I've tried from L'Oreal, I can't compare them to others in their collections but what I can say is these lipsticks are beautiful. The formula is lovely and creamy leaving your lips feeling very smooth and hydrated which is most probably down to the ingredients Lanolin Oil and Sesame Seed Oil, and they are exceptionally pigmented and buildable. 
Barely Griege by Jennifer Lopez 
This lipstick is described by L'oreal as a "subtly gray pink nuance that discreetly enhances the beauty of greige based complexions" or to put it more simply "for brunettes with fair complexions" which pretty much sums me up. I adore this nude lipstick and it has fast become my go to lipstick as I find it so easy to wear and it's super flattering with my skin tone. 
Barely Peach by Julianne Moore
L'Oreal state that this "sensual and delicate lipstick enhances the radiance of pale complexions and endows them with elegance and sophistication" and I couldn't agree more. Like Julianne, I have quite pale skin and since purchasing this lipstick I have found it perfect for giving me a natural pinky-peach lip which has so far, complimented many of my make-up looks. 
Other colours available in the collection are Doutzen's Nude (Barely Pink), Eva's Nude (Barely Golden), Frieda's Nude (Barely Parma) and Liya's Nude (Barely Moka). Although I may not have the same skin tones as these women, I will definitely be picking up a few more from the collection (Doutzen's is top of my list!) because, although not a perfect match, they will most definitely be wearable and I am in love with the formulation of these lipsticks. 

I love the fact L'Oreal have taken into consideration the vast amounts of hair and skin colours when designing this collection so a huge well done to L'Oreal!


Shades: 6  
Application: Smooth & Hydrating
Coverage: Even & Buildable
Finish: Slight glossy sheen 
Cost: £8.19 for 5ml

-Smooth coverage
-Stunning glossy sheen
-Very pigmented 
-Long lasting 
-Lightweight formula

-I honestly can't think of one!

What's your favourite nude lipstick from this collection? And if not this collection just your go to nude?


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1 comment

  1. I keep seeing these around and I seriously have my eye on Julianne's nude, too pretty, plus really reasonably priced. Will have to buy myself one!

    Sammy xo.


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