How to Blog and Stay Organised...

Last June, I started to blog much more frequently and I've found that getting more organised has helped immensely. In today's post, I'm going to share how I stay organised and offer a few tips which have definitely helped me. 
This has been a life saver for me. I've always kept a diary/planner for school work and now university work but never thought I'd need one for blogging. How wrong was I?! Instead of buying a planner, I created one myself using an A4 notepad, not because I didn't want to purchase one, but because I wanted it to be set out in a specific way. Simply the week at the top of the page, followed by blocks labelled "Monday", "Wednesday" and "Friday" - the days I blog. (See blow for a clearer idea!) I then write the post name and a tick box for when photo's have been taken and another for when the writing has been completed. I also keep a list of blogger chats in the front of my book.

Being a university student, I find it hard to blog and post everyday therefore I've found scheduling posts to be a huge help. Every weekend, I try and have the weeks posts ready and scheduled meaning I don't have to be in a panic about not having anything to post. I've found since scheduling posts, I've been able to post more frequently meaning I've always got new content on my blog. Next on my agenda is learning how to schedule tweets - any advice would be great!

As previously mentioned, being a uni student and a blogger can be hard at times so I find taking my photo's in block works perfectly for me - especially in the winter when I can't guarantee good lighting all of the time. Having my photo's ready when I need them is so much easier than rushing around to take them right before I need my post to go live. Once I've taken them, I put them into folders under their posts header.

It sounds obvious but its a must. Even if you think its a stupid idea, write it down, you never know what great post can span from a silly little thought.  My phone has an array of notes pages filled with blog post ideas.

My final tip is to make lists, lists and more lists! I love making lists and there's nothing more satisfying than crossing something off that list!

I've found that all of these little ways of keeping organised have definitely helped me enjoy blogging more and I hope they help you too. Please let me know below how you keep organised as I love trying new ways.

Best Dressed: Oscars 2015...

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Throughout award season, I love seeing what everyone is wearing at the different ceremonies, but, my favourite night of them all has to be the Oscars as this is when I feel everyone steps up a notch. 

I was so impressed with the amount of gorgeous dresses gracing the red carpet so here are my favourites...
  Rosamund Pike // Custom Givenchy
Jamie Chung // Yanina
Dakota Johnson // Saint Laurent
 Kelly Osbourne // Rita Vinieris
Reese Witherspoon // Custom Tom Ford
Margot Robbie // Saint Laurent
Jennifer Lopez // Elli Saab
Emma Stone // Custom Ellie Saab

My favourite of the night has to JLO; when she stepped onto the red carpet I was wowed - she looks amazing and I swear she's discovered the fountain of youth!

Who was your best dressed at the Oscars?

If you'd like to see my best dressed from other award shows click below:

Review: L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer...


Last week when I went into Boots to pick up another bottle of my beloved L'Oreal True Match foundation (review here) I noticed L'Oreal had a deal on where you could pick up two of their products for £12 and obviously the beauty addict in me couldn't say no. 

Browsing the shelves, I decided to pick up the Lumi Magique Concealer as quite a few people have compared it to YSL Touche Eclat and my magpie like tendencies for anything rose gold drew me in instantly. 

L'Oreal claim that this concealer "helps brighten the appearance of eyes and cover imperfections" however, because of the highlighting aspect I have only used this for that purpose so haven't used it on any imperfections as these certainly aren't something I want to highlight - I'll stick to my trusty Collection Concealer for those pesky blemishes!

I have to say, I do really like this concealer. It glides on nicely and blends well without caking. And it definitely highlights my eyes. The only downside of this product for me is it isn't as high coverage as I would like it to be.  


My Shade: Light
Application: Brush attached - blend with fingers.
Coverage: Medium
Finish: Luminous
Cost: £8.49

-Luminous glow to the skin 
-Doesn't look cakey under eyes.
-Covers dark circles reasonable
-Long lasting (6 hours)
-Nice packaging 
-Lightweight formula

-Wouldn't use it on blemishes because of the highlight
-Not full coverage

I do really like this concealer for highlighting so would definitely recommend it to people looking for that fresh eyed look but if you want high coverage then this probably wouldn't be for you. 



This Month's Playlist: February...

As a huge lover of music, I've decided as a new edition to my blog, each month I'm going to blog about what I'm enjoying listening to most that month. 

Taylor Swift - 1989 I finally bought myself a copy of Taylor Swift's 1989 and I am obsessed! I've literally listened to it practically everyday since purchasing it and it makes my long bus journeys home from uni much more enjoyable. This album has been coined as Swifts first "pure pop album" and it definitely has more of a pop edge than her previous albums which include RED and Fearless. My favourite tracks from the album are "Blank Space", "Out of the Woods", "Welcome to New York", "New Romantics" (which is only available on the deluxe edition) and pretty much every other track! I'm also a little bit in love with Sean O'Pry who features in the "Blank Space" music video. 

Beyonce - Beyonce Is there anything this woman can't do? Without warning, Beyonce dropped her latest album overnight with each song accompanied by a music video. Incredible! No wonder people call her Queen B. This is definitely my favourite album from Beyonce and I love the R&B/pop vibe of this album. My top tracks are "Blow", "Flawless" and "Mine". 

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - The Best Of I've always been a fan of old music and after watching the Jersey Boys the other night, I've become obsessed with listening to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons; their songs make me feel really upbeat and happy. I'm loving listening to "December, 1963", "Who Loves You" and "Working My Way Back To You". 

Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More Way back in 2008, I was watching the Glastonbury coverage when Mumford and Sons, who were a newly formed band, graced my TV screen and I immediately became obsessed. I loved their folk-rock music and I'd never really listened to music like theirs before. People at school would mock me for listening to them but guess what? When they became more popular in 2011/2012 and were about to embark on an arena tour, everybody suddenly loved them! This past month I've rediscovered my love for their debut album "Sigh No More" - especially tracks "I Gave You All", "White Blank Page" and "Dust Bowl Dance". 

I hope you enjoy this new series of posts and please let me know what you are currently listening to this month.


Review: The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil...


For quite a few years, I used Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish (review here) to remove my makeup but throughout the past year or so, my skin has grown to hate it. After looking at lots of different cleansers and reading countless reviews, I finally decided to pick up a bottle of The Body Shop's Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and it is now an essential in my skincare regime. 

I use this cleanser as the first step in my evening skincare routine. I take about 1 or 2 pumps into my hands and massage it all over my face - you can literally feel the makeup melting away in a matter of seconds. Once I have massaged this all over my face, and my makeup has dissolved, I run my face cloth under warm water and use this to wipe away the residue. My skin is left feeling clean and certainly not like I'd just smothered it in oil so don't let this put you off. 

As someone who has quite sensitive skin, I haven't been aggravated by this product and I'm putting this down to the camomile aspect of the cleanser. 

The only thing to be wary about is the packaging of this product, I have found it tends to leak a little bit when travelling and sometimes the pump shoots out all over. 

Before purchasing this product, I'd never tried a cleansing oil but now I don't see the point of trying more expensive options when I can't find anything wrong with this one! 


Application: Effortless and smooth
Cost: £10

-Suitable for sensitive skin
-Easy to use
-Makeup dissolves effortlessly
-Removes waterproof mascara
-Lightweight formula

-The pump is a bit temperamental

All in all, I would recommend this cleaning oil to anyone who wears makeup. It is amazing!

Have you tried this cleansing oil?

My Current Hair Care...

First things first, I'm quite lazy when it comes to hair care. I rarely try new products and usually stick to what I know. I have long hair which is relatively thick but not as thick as it once was. 
I recently changed my shampoo to Garnier Ultimate Blends 'The Marvellous Transformer' with Argan and Camellia Oils because my hair was looking quite lack-luster and dry. Since changing to this shampoo, I've definitely noticed a difference in my hair, it definitely isn't as dry as it was. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling exceptionally clean and extremely soft. 

The conditioner I am currently using, and have been using for a long long time now, is the John Frieda Full Repair Strengthen + Restore, I really like this conditioner, it leaves my hair feeling so smooth and de-tangled. However, as much as like this conditioner, I am looking to try other ones so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments below!
Despite being quite lazy when it comes to hair care, I always make sure I use a heat defence spray, my favourite is Phillip Kingsley's Daily Damage Defence - I never used to be fussy about what heat defence I used but since trying this one I've definitely noticed a difference in the breakage of my hair so couldn't imagine using a different one. 
On days when my hair is feeling lack-luster and greasy, I couldn't be without my Batiste Dry Shampoo, it is incredible and so cheap! It leaves my hair looking refreshed and clean. Perfect for days when I'm in a hurry. 
And now for the extra's. I love Charles Worthington Texturising Spray it instantly gives my hair volume and bounce; what I love about this spray is it isn't greasy and doesn't clag your hair up - at the end of the day it easily brushes out. Another favourite of mine is the Umberto Giannini Dazzling Shine Spray; one thing I like is my hair to look shiny and healthy and this product definitely does that. 

From time to time, when my hair is feeling a bit on the dry side - especially the ends - I like to spritz some of the Ojon Dry Recovery to give it an instant boost of moisture.

The final product in my hair care selection is Charles Worthington Mousse, I don't use this all of the time, usually only when I'm going on a night out for a bit more volume and staying power.

I definitely want to try and add a hair mask to my regime, can you recommend any?
Also, what hair care product is a must have for you?

MAC Lipstick Lust List...

Last week, I posted about my MAC Eyeshadow lust list so this week I'm going to share with you my lipstick lust list which is also pretty long.
Coral Bliss
Creme Cup
Cup a Caper
Japanese Maple
Pink Pearl Pop
Shy Girl
Velvet Teddy

As you can probably tell, I'm not really into a bold lip - I love them on other people but I just can't pull them off!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?

Best Dressed: BAFTA's & Grammy's...

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Sunday night was a huge night for awards season with both the BAFTA's and the Grammy's taking place. 

First up my BAFTA's best dressed. I actually found it quite hard finding outfits I liked; it would have probably been easier to say what I didn't like but I finally found a few that stood out for me.
Felicity Jones // Dior Couture 
Laura Haddock // Ashli Couture
Reese Witherspoon // Stella McCartney
Keira Knightly // Giambattista Valli

Unlike the BAFTA's, there were plenty of best dressed people gracing the red carpet at the Grammy's.
Beyonce // (Anyone know the designer?)
Anna Kendrick // Band of Outsiders
Jessie J // Ralph & Russo
Katy Perry // Zuhair Murad
Taylor Swift // Elie Saab
Kylie Jenner // Steven Khalil

Who was your best dressed at the BAFTA's and Grammy's?

What's In My University Bag?

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I'm now into my second semester of my first year at university where I am studying Business Management so thought I would share with you what I carry around in my bag most of which I consider essentials and hopefully this post will be useful for those already at universality and those starting in September. 
First things first is my actual bag, I got this bag as a Christmas gift from my nana and I really like it. It's from M&S and I like the fact I can fit everything I need into it without it being too bulky.
The student essentials - a notepad, a diary and a pencil case. I always take a small notepad with me to uni to take notes but when I get home, I write up notes in more detail into a larger pad. I picked this diary up from B&M back in the summer for 99p and I love it! I really like the fact its an academic diary meaning it runs from August-August. I also like the fact there's timetable outlines in the back. My pencil case is from Jack Wills where I keep pens, highlighters and my memory stick - a must for any uni student!
I always keep this small make up bag in my bag which contains my Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer, MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, a RT Contour Brush, L'Oreal Collection Privee JLO lipstick, Rimmel Eyeliner and a Travalo just to freshen up with throughout the day.
I use this makeup bag to store everyday essentials such as tissues, antibacterial gel, paracetamol, a hairbrush/mirror, lady things and a carrier bag for when my umbrella gets wet.
Finally, I have my umbrella (an essential in England), currently my leather gloves as its so cold, my house keys which have far too many key rings, my earphones, my travel pass and my purse.   

What are your handbag essentials for university or work?

MAC Eyeshadow Lust List...

Like pretty much every beauty blogger, I adore MAC eyeshadows but I actually don't own that many instead I have a list as long as my legs (and they're pretty long) of the ones I have my eye on - no pun intended.
All That Glitters
Amber Lights 
Charcoal Brown
Naked Lunch
Satin Taupe

As you can probably see there's quite a few on my list! Next week, I'm going to be uploading my MAC Lipstick Lust List. 

What's your favourite MAC eyeshadow?

Zara SS15 Collection...

Zara is one of my favourite brands and every season they are the brand whose collections I most look forward to seeing. Every season they bring out amazing pieces which can most often be brought out year after year as they are stylish and timeless. Here are my favourite picks from their SS15 collection.

Whose SS15 collection can you not wait too see?

An alternative to By Terry...

Every beauty blogger on the planet must have heard about the much raved about By Terry 'Ombre Blackstar' shadow sticks but at £29 a shot, they're pretty pricey. So I thought it was about time I shared with you a pretty good alternative. 
These are the Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Sticks. These gorgeous creamy eye shadow sticks are beautiful for both day time and night time wear and make a stunning smokey eye when used alone or even paired with other shadows for a more intense look. 
This is a gorgeous pale shimmery true taupe.
Antique Taupe
This is a gorgeous coppery toned taupe which looks stunning on blue eyes. 
The creamy formula makes the application of these absolutely seamless; just twist it up, glide it onto your eye and blend blend blend with either your finger or a brush. They're also light enough to build up for a more intense colour. But don't let the creaminess of these put you off because after a couple of minutes they won't budge!

The Mally Evercolor Shadow Sticks are still a little pricey at £19.50 but that's still a £10 saving! 

Unfortunately, Mally Beauty is quite difficult to come across in the UK; the only place I know of which sells it is QVC but it's definitely a brand worth checking out - may I also recommend their 'Volumizing Mascara' I love it! 


Shades: Multiple 
Application: Smooth & Creamy
Coverage: Highly pigmented
Finish: Slight shimmer
Cost: £19.50

-Smooth coverage
-Crease resistant 
-Lightweight formula
-Range of colours available
-Simple packaging.
-Easy application

-Hard to get in the UK. 

Can you recommend anything else similar to the By Terry shadow sticks?


QVC (single) // QVC (5 piece set)
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