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Last June, I started to blog much more frequently and I've found that getting more organised has helped immensely. In today's post, I'm going to share how I stay organised and offer a few tips which have definitely helped me. 
This has been a life saver for me. I've always kept a diary/planner for school work and now university work but never thought I'd need one for blogging. How wrong was I?! Instead of buying a planner, I created one myself using an A4 notepad, not because I didn't want to purchase one, but because I wanted it to be set out in a specific way. Simply the week at the top of the page, followed by blocks labelled "Monday", "Wednesday" and "Friday" - the days I blog. (See blow for a clearer idea!) I then write the post name and a tick box for when photo's have been taken and another for when the writing has been completed. I also keep a list of blogger chats in the front of my book.

Being a university student, I find it hard to blog and post everyday therefore I've found scheduling posts to be a huge help. Every weekend, I try and have the weeks posts ready and scheduled meaning I don't have to be in a panic about not having anything to post. I've found since scheduling posts, I've been able to post more frequently meaning I've always got new content on my blog. Next on my agenda is learning how to schedule tweets - any advice would be great!

As previously mentioned, being a uni student and a blogger can be hard at times so I find taking my photo's in block works perfectly for me - especially in the winter when I can't guarantee good lighting all of the time. Having my photo's ready when I need them is so much easier than rushing around to take them right before I need my post to go live. Once I've taken them, I put them into folders under their posts header.

It sounds obvious but its a must. Even if you think its a stupid idea, write it down, you never know what great post can span from a silly little thought.  My phone has an array of notes pages filled with blog post ideas.

My final tip is to make lists, lists and more lists! I love making lists and there's nothing more satisfying than crossing something off that list!

I've found that all of these little ways of keeping organised have definitely helped me enjoy blogging more and I hope they help you too. Please let me know below how you keep organised as I love trying new ways.
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  1. this is such a great post, definitely helpful to people that are less organised like me haha..thanks for sharing :D


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