What's In My University Bag?

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I'm now into my second semester of my first year at university where I am studying Business Management so thought I would share with you what I carry around in my bag most of which I consider essentials and hopefully this post will be useful for those already at universality and those starting in September. 
First things first is my actual bag, I got this bag as a Christmas gift from my nana and I really like it. It's from M&S and I like the fact I can fit everything I need into it without it being too bulky.
The student essentials - a notepad, a diary and a pencil case. I always take a small notepad with me to uni to take notes but when I get home, I write up notes in more detail into a larger pad. I picked this diary up from B&M back in the summer for 99p and I love it! I really like the fact its an academic diary meaning it runs from August-August. I also like the fact there's timetable outlines in the back. My pencil case is from Jack Wills where I keep pens, highlighters and my memory stick - a must for any uni student!
I always keep this small make up bag in my bag which contains my Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer, MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, a RT Contour Brush, L'Oreal Collection Privee JLO lipstick, Rimmel Eyeliner and a Travalo just to freshen up with throughout the day.
I use this makeup bag to store everyday essentials such as tissues, antibacterial gel, paracetamol, a hairbrush/mirror, lady things and a carrier bag for when my umbrella gets wet.
Finally, I have my umbrella (an essential in England), currently my leather gloves as its so cold, my house keys which have far too many key rings, my earphones, my travel pass and my purse.   

What are your handbag essentials for university or work?
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