Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Stash...

Lets be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your makeup bag? Well now we're into Spring, rather than doing the general Spring clean around the house, its time to give your makeup stash and makeup bag a good clear out.
Lets start with your makeup bag. Begin by emptying all of the contents - no doubt you'll find cotton buds, tissues and all sorts at the bottom BIN THEM! Then its time to put your makeup bag through the washing machine to get rid of any makeup spillages and bacteria that could be present.

Whilst you're waiting for your makeup bag to be washed, take some baby wipes or makeup wipes and wipe clean your product packaging removing any makeup stains making them look a lot cleaner and newer. Whilst sorting through the items from your bag, ask yourself is this dried up? How long have I been using this? If its a long time BIN IT! Mascara for instance, should be binned after 3/4 months.

Now onto your makeup stash. Be brutal. Get rid of products you know you never use or haven't used in at least a year and colours you know you'd never wear and don't suit. Whether this be binning them if they're really groggy, selling them on to other makeup fanatics or giving them to your family and friends.

Now you have de-cluttered your makeup stash you have the perfect excuse to buy the latest Spring goodies.

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  1. I definitely need to go through all my makeup and do a clean up, thanks for sharing!


  2. I need to go through all my makeup tomorrow, needs a clean up of what I use and don't use :)

    Fruity Flamingo


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