Six Summer Essentials...

As we're now into the summer months, I thought it would be a good time to share with you my 6 summer essentials!
Body Lotion | Body lotion is a must have all year round, especially if you are prone to dry skin however, its a definite essential during the summer months as a lot more flesh is on show so you'll definitely want to be looking soft and smooth. My go-to body lotion is Soap & Glory's 'Daily Smooth' I've gone through bottles of the stuff, its £10 and lasts for ages!  

Bright Nail Polish | Although I definitely prefer darker polishes like deep reds or simple nudes, once the summer sun arrives, I do like to paint my nails in something a little brighter, especially my toes, although nothing to garish. One of my favourite summer polishes is Models Own's 'Hedonist'.

SPF for Lips | When people are smothering themselves in sun cream, more often than not, they'll forget to protect their lips. This one from Ultra Sun is great, its great at protecting from harmful rays and also keeping your lips lovely and smooth. You can either wear it alone or under your favourite lipstick. 

Sun Protection Cream | Probably the most obvious summer essential, sun protection cream. Although it doesn't get exceptionally hot in the UK, its still important to protect your skin from sun damage which can lead to skin cancers and aging. This one from Garnier is perfect for everyday use.

Foot Cream | Hello sunshine, goodbye winter boots! For most people, the appearance of sun often means the winter boots get packed away and the summer sandals make an appearance (well it does for me anyway!) Therefore, its vital that your feet are kept in tip-top condition as nobody likes the sight for hard skin on the soul of feet. This one from Soap and Glory is lovely! 

Hydrating Toner | On those days when you're taking the opportunity to sit in the sun, a hydrating toner is a must to keep your face hydrated and cool, this one from Liz Earle is one of my personal favourites.

What are your summer essentials?
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  1. I love that soap and glory foot cream too and it's definitely an essential for me atm as my feet are always really swollen and sore in the heat! Those model own polishes look so pretty :)
    Love Holly x

    1. It is a great cream! My favourite polish is Hedonist xo


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