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By Terry, Mally, Benefit, Maybelline, Bourjois
 I've never really been one to use cream shadows, the eight pictured above are the only ones in my make up collection. However, over this last couple of months I've found myself reaching for them more often for either a wash of colour or a simple smokey look. 
By Terry - Misty Rock | Mauve-y taupe (full review here)
Bourjois - Rose Fauviste | Orange toned rose gold
Mally - Taupe | Shimmery true taupe (full review here)
Mally - Antique Taupe | Coppery toned taupe (full review here)
 Benefit - No Pressure | Deep Taupe (full review here)
Benefit - My Two Cents | Stunning polished taupe (full review here)
Maybelline - Eternal Gold | Yellow toned gold
Maybelline - On and On Bronze | Shimmery bronze

What are your favourite cream shadows?

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1 comment

  1. Oh my lord I need a by Terry ombre blackstar in my life they are so beautiful.

    Coleoftheball xx


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