Tall Girl Problems...

I'm 5ft6/5ft7ish so I know I'm not the tallest person in the world but its still pretty damn tall and I'm definitely one of the taller ones in my friendship group. If you're a tall girl then I'm pretty sure you'll be familiar with the scenarios below...

1 | People are always commenting on how tall you are like you had no idea.
2 | And then there's people who always ask how tall you are.
3 | People asking how the weather is up there (my mam in particular thinks its funny to ask "Is it cold up there?" when I'm wearing heels) 
4 | Remember the maxi dress trend? Finding one that touched the ground was pretty much impossible. 
5 | Taking outfit pictures in the mirror = headless.
6 | You feel like everyone is looking at you, especially when you're on a night out (chances are, they aren't)
7 | Always being asked to reach for things on shelves or in cupboards. 
8 | Hugging people shorter than you is always awkward when they are boob height. 
9 | Looking like a giant next to your short friends.
10 | Getting annoyed when you see really short girls with really tall boyfriends. 

Despite all of these "problems", I love being the height I am, as I love having long legs!
Let me know below, the daily problems you face aa tall girl or if you're short, let me know those!

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