2015 Favourites: Beauty Edition...

I can't quite believe another year has gone by and here I am, once again, rounding up my yearly beauty favourites. 2015, was definitely the year I became more adventurous with my skincare and it was also the year I discovered my signature fragrance.  
Once over, if someone asked me which neutrals palette to go for, I'd typically recommend the Naked palettes but not now. This delightful number from Stila is absolutely stunning and quickly became my favourite palette not long after purchasing it. It contains a mixture of both warm and cool toned shadows all of which have incredible pigmentation and blend amazingly allowing you to create multiple stunning eye looks. Overall, if you're after a new neutrals palette, head to Stila!

This is without a doubt my all-time favourite mascara and that's a big claim! When it comes to mascara, I have high expectations; I want my lashes to be voluminous and lengthened and for them to still to look as good at 8pm as they do at 8am and this is a mascara which does that for me. 

This eye cream from Khiel's is probably one of the most talked about beauty products in the bloggersphere and after deciding to try it out for myself, I can completely see why. It gently protects the under eye area by delivering intense moisture and as someone with sensitive eyes, I've had no issues so I'd highly recommend it.

After being scared of acids since a bad experience with Alpha-H Liquid Gold, I finally plucked up the courage to try another one and that's when I introduced Pixi Glow Tonic to my skincare routine. This exfoliating tonic helps tone, tighten and firm skin and removes dead skin cells for healthier more vibrant looking skin. Although my skin is still far from perfect, I've definitely noticed a reduction in big breakouts since introducing this to my routine and thankfully, its mild enough for even those with sensitive skin.

This is another new introduction to my skincare routine, and like Pixi Glow, I thank it for the reduction in my breakouts. Despite pretty much being water in  a can with a couple of added ingredients, I can't imagine not using this product. As well as a reduction in breakouts, I've definitely noticed a difference in my overall skin condition; it's less oily throughout the day and my make up stays much more in place, especially on my t-zone. 

Everyone has their signature fragrance, a fragrance that people recognise them by and know its them in the room when they can smell it - Thierry Mugler 'Alien' has become mine. Over the last year, Alien has become my go-to fragrance, I always seem to pick it up despite having an abundance of them on my dressing table. Every time I wear it, someone will compliment me on the scent and what I love most is you can still smell it after hours of wear. I'd describe this as a rich floral-woody fragrance and I absolutely love it. 

This was my first ever Sigma brush and I love it for applying my foundation; since I got it, I don't recall using another brush. The densely packed bristles helps build a medium to full coverage which most days, is exactly what I'm after.

Although I don't use micellar water to remove my entire face of make up, for about the last 6 months, I've been using it to remove the majority of my eye make up before going in with cleanser; I've found this to be much more gentle on my eyes and this one from Garnier is just as good as higher end brands like Bioderma.

Hair care is definitely an area I've tried to get more into over the last year. After seeing Lucy & Lydia raving about this product, I had to give it a try myself and I can see why they liked it so much. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and I've noticed that my hair is suffering from much less breakage. 

What were your 2015 favourites?
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